Autobahn with NWSC

h1 November 2nd, 2005

Had another event this past weekend with the Northwoods Shelby Club at Autobahn CC. Event went well, I got to use Damian’s R compound tires again so the car was flying. 1:13 on the north track and 1:39 on the south. It was a good time all around except for early on Saturday where a couple people wrecked their cars. It was pretty slippery at the start. Massive thanks to Bruce for the place to sleep and food for the weekend.

Car worked quite well once again, the only issue was a blown wastegate gasket (again.) Ate up most of the dudes in my run group. The other cars there running the opposite track we were amazing as well. It was all member cars and there was some serious hardware out there, all the way up to an Enzo! Great to see those out on the track where they belong. I posted all the pics up in the gallery. Hopefully soon I will have some track videos to share as well.

Next up is the Audi club VIR event, but I’m not sure I will make it. Sent in my registration too late and I’m on the waiting list. I already have the list of things to fix for the event if it goes down.

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