Event 1! April FTL Event

h1 April 17th, 2007

So, after all those changes, I finally get to drive the car again!!!

This was the first 2 day event for Find the Line, so it was a cool deal from several angles. We had 50+ people there on Saturday, the car has good brakes for the first time in a long time, and lots of runtime on a track where I have a fair amount of local knowledge.

First couple sessions went well, I could immeditately tell that the brakes are now much better than before. Even in the last lap of the session they are essentially the same as the first. This is a major win for me since last year was brutal from a cost and usage standpoint. Also, I need to work on the Tuning a bunch, because it is mega rich and not running that well up top. Knew this before, but it’s really evident now. Flames are cool but in this case it’s hurting me.

We did figure out a couple things on the track too, a couple more turns I now am comfortable on, and it showed in the times. Even though it was pretty bloody cold I was able to drop another second or two down to the 1:40 range. Very solid for me running on RA-1’s and about 300ish RWHP.

We had a bunch of really cool sessions out there, Ben with his s2k, Damian with the rx7 and then all the other FTL regulars. I have pics up in the gallery that show the ’session’ right before lunch on Sunday. Very fun time had by all.

No damage to the car either. :D

Next weekend we are going to head to the dyno to tune up for the NASA season. Should be interesting to see how that goes…

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