Event 2

h1 October 3rd, 2005

Another event this past weekend down at MAM with FTL. Overall it went ok, however I did have significant brake problems which prevented me from running the car as much as I wanted to. Seems like either the front brakes are dragging, or the calipers are sticking or some combination of both, because I actually lit the front pads on fire. The new ducting I did for the front rotors seemed to keep the rotor temp down, but the pads themselves were obviously having issues. I think the next step is to try replacing the calipers with Damian’s old set and see if that resolves the issue. Then I need to figure out how to test that they are working before I head to Road America in 2 weeks.

On the positive side I did get to drive Damian’s street car with his Dunlop track tires on and holy poop are those tires sweet. It’s really silly fun to drive a car with those. In comparison my car feels like a pushing pig with the tires I’m using. I beat the best time I’ve had in my car by half a second even though I had a passenger, ran less boost, and coasted the last couple turns and straight! I’m sure I didn’t go anywhere near the limits in the braking and turning zones (except 1 :D ) either and just driving that thing was a ton of fun. Again, massive thanks again to D for the hook-up there.

I have some excellent pics taken by Ben from the weekend that I will get up in the gallery soon.

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