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h1 March 14th, 2006

Just wanted to get an update out there… The car was really left alone for this winter for the most part as I had other things to do/take care of. Plus we had alot of work on other cars in the garage as well. I did get started on my interior swap (going black) and relocated my flaky wideband O2 sensor downstream a bit to try to get the overheating issue taken care of. Picked up another new sensor too just in case that was the issue.

Got to take the car out on Sunday and it seemed like the wideband (and the rest of the car) was working well. We will see if that’s still the case as the weather warms up.

My first event for the season will be at Road America on the 8th and 9th of April.

Checklist for the event:

  1. Get the new tires in and mounted.
  2. Get the new bullet cam in.
  3. Get mounting parts for both cam setups.
  4. Test out the camera setups, with the bullet cam in a couple places.
  5. Check the brake pads, bleed brakes.
  6. Change the oil.
  7. Tune a bit more if the weather is nice. (12psi? :D )
  8. Bolt in coolant catch tank.
  9. Re-do the catch tank lines with Viton Hose.
  10. Get exterior buffed, and holes filled.
  11. Get the new Radiator duct installed.
  12. Get the new splitter installed.

There’s a bunch of other optional stuff too, but that’s what I need/want to make sure happens.

I also still have more footage to edit. The 2nd Autobahn video has been partially done for a month, I need to finish that up. I also have a fair amount of RA footage from the fall that needs to get done. Hopefully I can finish up last years vids before I start collecting this years footage. :D

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