MRR 2005

h1 August 22nd, 2005

MRR2005 went well. Lots of interesting racing and other stuff going on. The trip through the Mazda/BK Motorsports pit was great. Eventually I will have pics of the event up.

The car worked quite well on the trip there and back. However I am still pretty rich at various speeds/pressures, and the 2400 rpm issue still exists. Despite those two problems I got 18-19 mpg on the highway at varying speed so I’m pretty happy. I also boosted for the first time (only to 5 psi since I’m still in break-in) and the turbo makes boost very quickly. I need another 100-200 miles of breakin/vac tuning and I’m going to start tuning the pressure cells. It’s also interesting to note that I start making boost (in 5th gear) at about 2000 rpm. Until I fix the 2400 thing I can’t give real spool numbers though. I’m not willing to boost at that rpm now because it’s so lean.

Silly Rabbit

h1 August 16th, 2005

Last night I put another 40 miles on the car, however it wasn’t without incident. A rabbit ran in front of me and despite my efforts to brake and veer behind it, it turned around and I practically caught it in the mesh. Doesn’t seem to have broken the bumper (fiberglass) or anything so that is fortunate. Also I’m really glad I went with the mesh I did and the strong mounting system. It deformed almost 6 inches back into the nose, but I saved both the radiator ($500) and the bumper ($400+) and who knows what else.

I’ll probably have to replace the mesh ($50) but that’s a small price to pay.

On another front, the vac tuning (outside the 2400 issue) is going well, and I have it tuned to 13.5-14 under cruise and most vac cells. I’m getting much better gas milage etc. I need to swap the oil, get 50 more miles on, and start seeing what I can do about the low boost cells.

Continued Issues…

h1 August 15th, 2005

Despite lots of work and even more help from D over the weekend the car isn’t really running too hot yet. I have a way lean issue at about 2400 rpm even with 20% extra fuel at that level and it doesn’t idle that hot. I might have some sort of mechanical/electrical issue. Probably will just take a bunch of time to figure out/fix. On the plus side I did get alot of the numbers leaned out for cruising etc so I’m getting more than 12 mpg again.

On the plus side I’ve done 436 miles since the motor was rebuilt, so 70 miles and I can boost again. Yay! On the minus side I’m not sure how well the fuel setup will work with boost, so I will have to be careful.

Massive relief.

h1 August 12th, 2005

Worked a bit on the FD again tonight with the help of Damian and his wideband. Went out and did some datalogging with my base map and found out it was way way lean all over the place, and off the chart lean in the area where I was having the 2500 stumble. Switched in the 25% extra fuel at 2000-3000rpm and 15% everywhere else as suggested by Mr. Steve Kan and the car is still lean, probably too lean, however significantly better and no stumble. Looks like theres more map editing/testing to do.

Huge thanks to Damian for helping me out. He’s always busy but still finds time to help me out.

Making MRR is about a 75% possibility at this point. Before tonight it wasn’t looking that good. is up

h1 August 11th, 2005

This is the new site for all things related to the FD. Look for more information soon.