MRR 2005

h1 August 22nd, 2005

MRR2005 went well. Lots of interesting racing and other stuff going on. The trip through the Mazda/BK Motorsports pit was great. Eventually I will have pics of the event up.

The car worked quite well on the trip there and back. However I am still pretty rich at various speeds/pressures, and the 2400 rpm issue still exists. Despite those two problems I got 18-19 mpg on the highway at varying speed so I’m pretty happy. I also boosted for the first time (only to 5 psi since I’m still in break-in) and the turbo makes boost very quickly. I need another 100-200 miles of breakin/vac tuning and I’m going to start tuning the pressure cells. It’s also interesting to note that I start making boost (in 5th gear) at about 2000 rpm. Until I fix the 2400 thing I can’t give real spool numbers though. I’m not willing to boost at that rpm now because it’s so lean.

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