h1 December 1st, 2005

Just a quick note now that I’ve had a week to recover… I was trying to make the VIR Audi club event with the 93FD, but didn’t register in time (and wouldn’t have had a way to get the car there anyway) so I didn’t take it. However we did end up taking Damian’s car down there and had a great weekend. 22 Hours of driving straight each way was less than ideal, but oh well. The Jeep didn’t have an issue pulling the car and trailer so that was good. Bruce hooked us up huge again with a place to stay and food. Thanks!

The track itself is great. Lots of elevation changes, high speed straights and technical sections. Very cool place. Met a couple guys from the forums there (Fritz/Section 8/and others) which was cool. Got rides from Bruce (Cobra R) and Fritz (Killer Bee - Rx7) Tons of other cool cars there including a Carrera GT that Randy Pobst was driving. Beautiful to watch a 500,000 car be drifted around all the corners. The thing sounded like a F1 car.

I took 700 pics and a bunch of video. Alot of them are junk, but I don’t have time to edit/prune them so I just dumped the whole lot into the gallery under the ‘Other’ section. Damian is working on the video, should be totally sweet when complete. :)

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  1. Nice web page, I like the write ups, and many nice pics :)

  2. Thanks!

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