h1 August 27th, 2005

I’ve been trying to get the wideband working again over the last few days. Got the new sensors, same result as before. Turns out one of the wires in the harness was broken. Doh. Anyway, rewired that with Ben and the TechEdge is back in business. The new sensors have a tendency to over heat though, so I’m going to have to work on that. In any case I did get to try my new map out with the updated injector settings. Numbers are much much better than before. Aparently the settings in the old map were way off. The idle is improved, but not great, as well.

Unfortunately the boost settings are hosed up somehow because I got a sudden hop from 6 psi to 20 psi of boost today!?! That was no good, but no damage done. I’ll probably disable the boost control for now and rely on the wastegate spring. Hopefully I’ll get a bunch more testing done soon and get the AFR’s on the new map to where they need to be. The 2400 issue is still hanging around.

Also think I will have to rebuild/replace my front calipers. There is some horrible noises coming from one of them. There is also a wierd noise from the right front when you brake hard the first time, and the right side when you go slow. Ah well, one at a time.

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