1st Event Success!

h1 September 5th, 2005

Finally made it to my first HPDE event on Saturday with Find the Line down at MAM. Car ran like a champ the whole day! I ran the wastegate spring (7.5 psi) because the boost control is still acting up. I’m probably going to just switch over to a manual system. I do also have a 12 pound wastegate spring on the way. Even at 7.5 psi though the car was making close to the same power as many of the others there.

I got close to 75 laps in over the day, and I skipped a couple sessions here and there so I could recouperate. Had a great time chasing Bryce around in his G35c and trying to follow Damian and everyone else around in group A. My best time ended up at 1:50.8, which is a couple seconds faster than my best time last year with the old motor and much better tires. The ones I have now are 20% less grippy than those (1G vs 1.2G+,) so my cornering speeds were down. On the plus side I can drive better. All in all alot of fun. Unfortunately Ben’s car did not do well, so he didn’t get to drive much. I did manage to give him a stomache ache on a ride along though… :)

I ate my brakes down to the squealers so I need to do something with those before I can hit another event. I really need to get some brake ducting going. I also figured out based on some track data that my injectors are at minimum duty for a bunch of the cells in my fuel map. I need to switch something up and start tuning again to get those back to a controllable range.

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