No news is good news.

h1 September 20th, 2005

Not alot to report on the car recently. I’ve been daily driving it to work and getting about 16-18 mpg. Not exactly stellar. Unfortunately it’s the only thing I’ve got licensed and working. Odd eh? 3 cars and the FD is the only one I can drive. :D

Others in the garage have not been so lucky unfortunately… Ben and Damian both lost motors this month. Ben’s was not un-expected, since his car has done odd things since he picked it up. Damian’s car was running well, but he ate up another bearing, this time it was the front rotor bearing. Hopefully we’ll have that back up and running soon.

I still need to get some tuning runs done to verify my ~10psi (.7 bar) wastegate spring is ok to run with my current fuel maps. It more than likely is, but since the wideband overheats, it’s not easy to test. I have tried a couple different heatsink ideas for the sensor, but have not solved the problem yet. This may end up getting fixed over the winter, I might need to move the sensor into a better location.

Did get a bunch of other minor issues fixed, so that’s good, and the car generally runs pretty well at this point too. I do need to re-do pretty much the whole brake system since I’ve had lingering issues, and then ate up the pads/rotors at the FTL event. After that I just have a few things left to figure out and I will consider the whole project sucessful, even if it didn’t turn out exactly as I expected/wanted.

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